Sunday, September 18, 2011

Pigtails, Parades and Prayers

I just love that mischievous little face. And pigtails on a still my heart.
I can't get enough of sweet, little bare legs and shoeless toes. I'm guessing the days of bareskinned babies are becoming few and far between. And just maybe gone altogether. I'm almost accepting. After all, summer is about to pass her winning crown on to autumn. I'm not anti-fall, I just want to let summer have her final moments in all her glory. Let her take her last walk with dignity. And if autumn would share the stage with summer for a while longer I would welcome her orange colors and breezy days all the more!

One of the first signs of the new season to me is the Apple Festival. I love a small town gala! *I feel like I have to say this in every post.....these pictures were all taken with my phone. So, excuse the quality! Especially a couple of the blurry ones that I just couldn't leave out!*
Getting ready to watch the parade.
Do you want to know the secret to scoring big on candy during a parade? Sit at the front of the parade route. Holy cow, they got candy! I'm a mean mom that makes them combine all the goodies. No filling your pockets and your own bags, all the candy in one bag. Not because of fairness but because I want control over the candy jar. Okay, maybe a little bit because of fairness. I am a middle child, after all.
So is she. She would like to do everything her big sisters do. She doesn't think there should be different bedtimes or other rules that make her life less fun.
Cousin A driving his dream 

This was the guy who was a finalist on America's Got Talent last year. He did a good job and was such a nice guy. He invited one of Austin's friends to ride with him during a show after seeing how well he rode. It was refreshing to see a "famous" person willingly share the limelight.
Emmaly with the 2 bikers

What you can't see in this picture is E's little head wound..... Court and I rarely go out on dates. (Something I REALLY want to change!) We left the 3 little ones with Kodi. She does a great job and I can't complain about her rate. (free!) :-) About 45 minutes after we left we got a phone call from her that Emmaly's head was bleeding and Kodi was sure she needed stitches.  I called my brother who lives 2 miles away to go check on her until I could get home. When I got here here's what awaited me:
What do you think, stitches or not? I knew it needed something and was really not wanting to spend another 3 hours in the ER for the second time in one week. (Kidney stones are a pain, just ask Hubby.) I called our family doctor (whom I LOVE!) and asked what he thought of me trying to glue a smallish head wound that could probably use stitches. He gave me the okay since it wasn't deep and was done bleeding. I went to the store to buy Dermabond with no success. I called him back and he said Krazy glue would be fine. He told me how to glue it and said he would even meet me at the office (It was after 8:00 pm) if I needed his help or if the glue didn't work. Did I tell you I love this doctor? The glue worked enough. I'm sure staples would have made a smaller scar but it will be covered by hair anyway. I'm sure you are wondering how she got that lovely groove. She was the victim of her little brother's retaliation. It involved a wooden block and a curve-ball-pitch.
These two fight? It doesn't even look possible. :-) Corbin has gotten every toy in the house taken away. He gets to earn them back. Funny thing.....this afternoon I spotted him playing with two batteries. Have you ever heard a Duracell rev it's engine? Who says we need matchbox cars? Emmaly kissed him on the cheek as he took a rare nap today and whispered, "I forgive you for hurting my head." Melt a momma's heart, why dontcha?
Also heart melting is what I saw this morning in church. Our church had the honor of having it's services at the Apple Festival. 
There is just something about worshipping together outside in the crisp air under a tent. Even with my attention being divided between Pastor Tom's God-breathed words and making sure Faith wasn't spilling my hot apple cider, my heart was filled with the Spirit. 
We have some awesome spirit-filled teens in our church and I'm blessed that 3 of them live under my roof. (see, how can I not share this picture even in all it's blurriness?)

It has been a long week with getting in the routine of school, sick husband, volleyball and basketball games, meetings, shopping, town festivities along with all the work it takes to keep a household functioning. I'm tired just thinking about it. Or maybe I'm tired because it is 1:30 am. My me-time has come to an end. I should have been in bed long ago so I am ready to get up and do it all over again. May my spent time be glorifying to you, Lord.


jodyfoznot said...

Great turn of phrase, J! "...summer is about to pass her winning crown on to autumn." Nice writing!

The picture of your family waiting for the parade...I love that B is sitting on D's lap. That so reminds me of you and me as youngsters and what we would do if there weren't enough seats. I would still let you sit on my lap. :)

Oh, how I love E's sweet, forgiving heart. I love that girl.

Pigtails AND tutus? F could not possibly be any cuter.

Great post!


Anonymous said...

Jo is so are such a word crafter! F's pic is so sweet I could just eat her up. E's love of her little bro makes me all misty eyed. I wasn't sure if the pic of B was blurry because of the tears in my eyes. Beautiful post, Love you all.

Heather said...

What a week all encapsulated in one post - beautifully written I would agree :) You make it all sound so simple......I'm hoping that you don't have to do a repeat anytime soon! Nice shot of nephew A ;)

Unknown said...

Pigtails are my favorite : )
That gash looks crazy. You are such a great mom! I wouldn't even have ever thought of crazy gluing it. Brilliant : )
They look like the best of friends in the picture. Are you sure they fight? : )