Friday, July 20, 2012

School's Out For the Summer

I guess it was wishful thinking when I said I would update my blog once a week. I'm doing well if I can crank some words out once or twice a month. My writing mind has joined the school kids on summer vacation. We're all having a busy but fun break...with little brain work required!

I am a chronological girl. It's the way my mind works. The only way I can recall dates of events is if I study the timeline in my head. It's hard for me to skip over several summer happenings and fast forward to I won't.  

Sit back, turn up your Pandora Radio (Country Love Songs is a great channel or if you're a country music hater just Love Songs is also a favorite or if you're a love song hater.....then we should really discuss our friendship), and enjoy the "vacation" slide show. :)

We have made Missoula Children's Theater a part of our summer for the last 8 years. It's awesome to watch a musical come together in one week, from try-outs to performances. It's a week of commitment and hard work, but always a great show. This will most likely be Dakota's last year.

She has found a new love.

She spent a week being a junior camp counselor at Camp Shipshewana. Her plan for next summer is to be there for more than two weeks, like in as many weeks as she can.

There was a pretty special camper there on her first week on staff.

It was easier leaving Emmaly for her first time at church camp knowing she was just down the hall from her big sister. They both had a wonderful time and were a little sad to leave.

I can easily sympathize. I remember the heartache of saying good bye to fun times and new friends knowing we wouldn't see each other until the next year. But in my days there wasn't Facebook and texting to stay in touch. We had to do the time consuming task of picking up a pencil and writing letters without getting an instant reply. (Sorry all you camp friends who I promised letters to that I never sent.) 

I let Kodi and Emma come home and sleep the day and sadness away. It's amazing what a few good hours of sleep can do. Then we were off to see fireworks.

I like seeing my little ones' excitement as much as I enjoy watching the sky light up. My favorite fireworks are the ones that shoot up and crackle coming down looking like a weeping willow. I also love the big BOOM that echoes across the lake making my heart pound a little faster.

On the Fourth we were a family divided. Since the pigs need rinsed and cooled off every couple hours in super hot weather, show pig farmers can't be too far from home.  So after lunch with friends, some of us decided to head to the lake. 

We had a wonderful, relaxing time! Hopefully sometime before the weather cools down all eight of us can spend a day together at the beach. (Are you with us, Girst family?) Until then, I'm satisfied with family suppers. With our busy schedules even that is a luxury during the summer.

Resting is also a luxury for my over worked farm boy.

Then came the fair. What a week! I'll save those pictures and stories for the another post. You're welcome.

The best part of summer for me is spending time with family, especially family across the miles. Again we couldn't coordinate dates to have the whole McCoy clan here at the same time. Jody and her kids were here  for two short days then a week later Mom and Dad came up from the Ozarks bringing my grandma with them. I stupidly have no pictures of Jody's visit! I even called her and begged for some of hers. She graciously shared but for some reason I can't. I'll blame it on the computer but it is probably my ignorance that makes her pictures held hostage in my downloads. 

Now is the time to turn your Pandora station to Bluegrass or Gospel if you want the true feeling of hanging with the McCoy's.

Do you see the slight resemblance between Dad and his mom? I love that she still calls him "Ralphie".

My little bros (who refuse to read my blog.....please tell them what they are missing! :) They would have happily read my diary way back when.....not much different....ok...maybe a wee bit different)
I may be a little biased but aren't these girls BEAUTIFUL?!

These girls too!
My grandmas

These cute cousins are a couple months apart in age. I'm glad Ralph has forgiven Dakota for all the biting and pinching she did to him when they were little.
Grandpa with his two girls
Do you know of any other parties where goat milking is involved?
My sweet nephew gives amazing shoulder massages.

Don't you wish this had audio? :) 

The reel has come to its end. Chin up, there will be at least this many pictures in the next blog. 

My big kids just arrived home from a week away at a youth conference. I can't wait to hear their stories and watch them put into practice what they've learned! 

I love my family! God is good!