Tuesday, March 22, 2011


Have you ever found yourself in a situation that seemed hopeless? No matter how hard you tried to work it out, it was to no avail?
We found ourselves there tonight. However minor it may seem there was a lesson to be learned. Obedience brings blessings. Disobedience brings....trouble. Miss E was told to go to bed. Big sister B was playing with her new haircut (her first cut with BANGS). E was a little sad not to get her hair cut so she thought she would curl it. With a comb. My special comb. I know, I know. A special comb? Someone whom I loved and is no longer here on earth gave me that comb. It already had a tooth missing because the bratty owner of that special comb was having a bad hair day and took out her frustrations on the poor comb. (Think of whack-a-mole.) So, E hesitantly came to me and said,  "Mom, I'm sorry. I can't get it out." Two things: She knows she is suppose to be asleep and she knows that is my favorite comb. I look into those remorseful chocolate eyes and I see myself. I see how God pours out His grace on me when I get into a tangled situation  because of disobedience. 
  He lovingly untangles the damage and uses it for His glory. Untangling isn't always pretty. Sometimes there are consequences that are not easy to welcome. Consequences that we would never have to deal with if we would choose to obey. 
There were only two options for E's situation, cut her hair or break the comb. She offered the sacrifice of her hair. It would NOT have been the haircut she had in mind. She knew that and still offered which made my heart melt for this girl all the more. I told her it really was ok that I had to break the comb. She cried. I held my tears and broke a material link to my beloved friend. My tears were for my child's sympathetic heart. I gave her the smaller piece of broken comb and said, "It's yours." I kissed her and sent her to bed. I will keep my broken comb. It will not only remind me of my friend but of God's grace to me in my tangledness.

Saturday, March 19, 2011

my girls

These girls sure know how to enjoy life! They make life enjoyable too! They can be girlie girls full of giggles and girlishness.

They can also do a mean Poop Scoopin' Boogie.

They are dog lovers 

and horse lovers.

They love all things music.

They have a curiosity for life.

They are sisters and they are friends. I'm so blessed they are mine! 

Saturday, March 12, 2011

A is for Austin

I just love this boy! That is what he is, a boy not a man. He's MY boy. Please don't call him a man for two more years. And then, we'll talk.
He may not yet be a man but this boy sure works like one. He is responsible with a capital R. He started working at a veal barn in December. He is in charge of  250-500 calves, the number depends on new calves coming in and older calves being shipped out. He feeds them, making sure the temperature of their milk is just right; gives shots to the ones looking sick, and rounds up the strays that are looking for freedom. It isn't a glamorous job. And when he comes home...stink-a-roni!! The clothes come off before he enters. The most surprising thing about this job for a teenager is the hours! He has to be there at 4:30 in the morn! There are chores in the evening too but those are done with his dad.
Measuring the amount of milk replacer.

Emmaly watching him adjusting the water temperature.
Giving some vitamins to a punier calf.
I just loved the perfect heart on his head.

The smile I get when I ask for one.
He turned 16 last month! Sixteen!! The years just crept up on me. In my mind this boy should be about 12. He is a sophomore. 10th grade!! Huh?! Just last year he was in 6th grade. The year before that we started kindergarten. Ok, a little exaggeration but still.....grade 10, with the end in sight too. His harder subjects this year are Algebra II and Physics. Harder for me that is. I never hear one complaint on those subjects from him. Let's not talk about Speech and Term paper. He does great in school and if there is anything he wants to learn he dives in and learns it!

Making his mom happy by giving a real smile.


Austin is on a basketball team at Friday School (an enrichment school for homeschoolers). This is his first year in basketball. He's doing well and liking it. He wishes it was more than once a week though. (Basketball not school. haha)

Playing his guitar at Gram and Poppy's

His favorite past time would be playing his guitar. I love hearing the music he makes. Even if it is mostly that teenage sound...ya know, rock and roll. This boy has been a joy to me for SIXTEEN years and our family is blessed to have him. I know God has wonderful things planned for his future and I pray Austin keeps seeking His will for his life.

Friday, March 11, 2011

Hello Blog World

Ready or not I'm starting a blog. I have been wanting to for so long now that I figure if  I don't just start I never will. I have such big ideas....a little bit of this and a little bit of that, a lot of this and more of that. I'm hoping that this goes better than the story I started in the 7th grade. I had such high hopes of having a best seller. On chapter two I caught a case of writer's block that was never cured. I'll never know if Samantha got ungrounded and was able to go to the high school dance with Brennan.

My reason for this blog may be a bit deeper than wanting to live vicariously through fiction characters. So, I'm going to say I will see this through! I want to let my family and friends living miles away to see Bitting Bits. (That was my second choice for blog name. I have a problem with letters! I like them. I LIKE them. I like everything to have a rhyme or reason.) This (layout) might be a bit dull to look at until I can figure out or have time to play with the settings but you're here because you want to hear what I have to say not how pretty my blog layout is, right?!
Mr. C never has writer's block. I'm thankful he has decided that paper is the best medium for his stories. Our walls have needed repainting anyway.

I'm excited to tell about the kids; their accomplishments, their hobbies, their schooling, their life. Our life! So stay tuned..... We're gonna have a good time!

P.S. I'm just sure that Samantha's mom was understanding and realized that Samantha didn't deserve to be grounded from such an important event in her adolescent life!