Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Birthday Girls Part I

I may not have the set of twins that I have always wanted but I do have children that share a birthday. My oldest two daughters were born on the same day two years apart. It wasn't planned by me, but it sure is convenient! They have the same group of friends so we have always thrown one big celebration. Last year they had invited the entire jr. high church youth group (girls). Giggly Girls. And it was a sleepover. And I just had a baby 2 weeks prior. May not have been the most ideal scenario but we made it work. And the girls had a blast. (If you don't count the girl who had facebook on her phone and updated about the lame party she was attending. Oops. She should have checked her friend list to see who could read that comment. All is forgiven. :-) ) Kodi and Brooklyn told me recently that they want to try to have two separate parties this year. (sad sigh) I don't blame them for wanting a little more independence from each other and of course they would be at each other's party. But with everything going on in our lives right now one of them would have to wait until June for their party. So we will have another year of lots of chatty girls. (I love chatty girls!) Since their big day is in TWO days....I better start planning. :-) No, actually the girls have it planned. We're down to getting a date set. Never an easy task when the calendar is already inked up.

Let's talk about my firstborn girl, Dakota Lynn; or Kodi. (Cue music for Sunrise Sunset).....Is this the little girl I carried...........I don't remember growing older, when did they??? FIFTEEN years ago Dakota was born after being induced a week after her due date because my doctor was going on vacation. Can we say, "Annoying!"? In fact, she was delivered by a nurse and another doc because mine was home packing for her trip. You know, those labor books said I should have had another couple hours. :-) But, God in His infinite wisdom knew what He was doing. (Of course) She was born with her cord tightly wrapped twice around her neck and she needed some help to start breathing. I had a peace while I wondered why I couldn't hold her right away. She spent her whole hospital stay under the watch of the nurses and not in my room. Kodi was an easy baby, wonderful toddler, and an uncomplicated kid. Then the teen years, I'm just kidding. She is a joy to have as a daughter! She is creative, smart and witty! She is a little on the reserved side. You will usually find her with her nose in a book. I've been known to ground her from reading. *GASP* What kind of mother am I?

D and B on rival teams during a volleyball game.
Every year on or around their birthday I try to get some pictures of them. I had a fun time this year just clicking away while they were acting goofy.

I love how they have their own styles, from clothes to personalities. It's so refreshing! I'm enjoying watching these gals grow into lovely young women and especially watching them grow in their faith. They are such a blessing to me! And my very favorite picture of them....drum roll, please........
Happy Birthday, my lovelies!! I'm looking forward to our special date!

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Easter at Grandma and Grandpa's

This was my very favorite place to be during my growing up years. I have so many happy memories here. There were trees to climb, a huge yard to run in, an old barn filled with secret hideouts, cousins, laughter and unconditional love. Even now I love going to Grandma's house. These last few years Grandma has felt like her house is too small to hold all of us during family get togethers. We have assured her that we don't feel overly crowded and it is extra special to have the cousins together in this house that contains joyful recollections of our youth. Grandma agreed to have it there if we could set up the tables in the new, unfinished addition. There were only 29 of us with 20+ missing because of distance or other commitments. This was the first Easter party that we did not have an egg hunt. To me that was refreshing. Easter isn't about chocolate bunnies and colored eggs. Easter is about celebrating that empty tomb knowing that Jesus Christ has conquered death and He is ALIVE! There is nothing more amazing than that truth!

I tried to take pictures of everyone that was there today for you family members that couldn't make it. But, unfortunately, as I looked back through all the photos I realized I missed several people, including my own husband and son! I seriously need to make a list to operate these days.

The day was over before we were ready to say good-bye.
I love my family and cherish every minute spent with them. 
If you are apart of this awesome bunch of people and 
were not able to be there today know that 
you were missed!! 
Happy Easter!!

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Let's celebrate!

My sister kindly reminded me that when I woke up yesterday morning I would enter into a new age bracket. The bracket for 35-50 year olds. Hmmm.....thanks, Sis, happy to join you. The month of April is a big month in this household. Four out of eight of us celebrate our birthday this month. Here is a recap of Faith's shindig:
Dakota and Brooklyn made the cake and cupcakes. I didn't even crack an egg. I was happy to hand over that project. I let them do whatever they wanted with their canvases.

The weather was ahh..mazing! It was too nice not to take the party outside. It was almost uncomfortably warm. Almost. That seems funny to say today, a day that the temperature is 35 degrees cooler with a bashful sun.
Faithy Pie partied til she dropped. It was a good, no, great day! My only grumble is that I didn't get enough pictures of the cousins! And did you see the pictures of Faith digging into her cake? You didn't?! Well, first of all, she didn't dig in. She poked a little here, picked an M&M there, took graceful bites and barely made a mess. And second, my video camera wasn't charged (and the charger was no where to be found) so I decided to use my digital camera in video mode to take footage of the cake attack. Or cake touch in her case. But, fear not, there is good news! I asked my awesome photographer SIL to capture some cake pictures! She clicked away and I can't wait to see what her artistic eye observed!

Fast forward 6 days from F's party and I am now in my mid-thirties. I awoke to precious, slobbery kisses from my littlest. (She seems to know the secret to wake up in Mommy and Daddy's bed. the secret is to arouse in the night. Mommy loves snuggles and is too sleepy/lazy to deal with crying.) I was treated to breakfast in bed by my so thoughtful 7 year old! It was a bowlful of cinnamon Life filled to the rim with milk, on a tray. I was just as thrilled to receive it as I was to know there was no mess carrying it up the stairs! I shared my Life with my kissy baby. I came downstairs to find that Emmaly also cleaned (straightened up) the dining and living rooms. I also got a foot rub from her. That girls knows how to give gifts! The weather wasn't nearly as wonderful as it was a week earlier. But it was perfect for staying inside, movies, popcorn, games and lounging.
As you can see from the picture, Hubby doesn't like his picture taken. But it was MY birthday and it's what I wanted. So, thanks, Hon. :-) We don't often get to watch tv or movies together as a family. Mostly because there isn't enough time in a day. But also because there aren't a lot of movies that we would all enjoy. What did we watch?......Star Wars. Well...not my first choice. Or my last choice but that's okay. It was a good excuse to eat kettle corn and laze around. I have been so blessed my last 34 years. I wonder what year 35 has in store?? Here I am, Lord, ready or not. But mostly ready!!