Tuesday, February 5, 2013


Right now I have a sick little boy sitting on my lap. His main comfort is having me mostly to himself, or to at least be able to touch me and know I'm here. He's been whiny and needy since Sunday. I slept through the night with his sweaty head resting in the crook of my arm. My 2 yr old sees my tied up hands and preoccupied mind as permission to dump every board game, toy box, and laundry basket while overflowing the bathroom sink and changing clothes countless times. Lunch was a do-it-yourself (again). My shower was a whole 2 minutes leaving my skin barely rinsed and my hair unwashed. School books sit on the counter, neglected by the teacher. Appointments are cancelled. My kids are shouting for attention. My house is crying for order. I'm fried.

A tired, frazzled mom. Yikes!
Then I think about the sweet and oh, so sad letter I received last week from our Compassion child Joyce. Along with her colored picture was a note telling us that her mom just passed away. My heart is broken for this precious child of God who is now an orphan at age 6, the same age of my energetic, independent son who wants nothing but his mommy when he's not feeling well.

Perspective changes perception. My selfish feelings melt away to compassionate love. Though I may sometimes feel stretched to my limit, I am thankful for being wanted and needed. I am blessed.

Compassion International is an amazing ministry that is focused on meeting the basic physical and spiritual needs of children in poverty. Our sponsor child has been a blessing to our family for 2 years. Find out more about it HERE. The best $38 you will spend each month!