Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Buried Treasure

I watched the excitement and wonder of my little ones as they pushed their shovels into the earth digging for the unknown. "Mom, we're gonna find gold and treasures and iron!" says my little man. I hesitate to tell them that there is none to be found in our old garden plot. And as they spot something shiny with a tinge of red, they wouldn't for one minute believe that there wasn't indeed a buried treasure.

I look at the prize through my kids eyes and see a new toy with endless possibilities and not a rusty old tool that somehow got stuck in the dirt years ago. It became the coveted digger and the drive to keep on pursuing their goal.

After hours of laboring (or 45 minutes in adult time) frustration started to set in. Digging and filtering through the soil not finding another hint of reward was starting to make for bickering mini miners. Knowing that their father wouldn't be happy with the foot deep hole already dug I couldn't allow them to try their search in a different location.

They made the unspoken agreement that the newly dug hole was their biggest gain. It could be a place for games to be played and fun to be had. And of course, the dug out dirt made for perfect "worm churches and ant caves".

Am I still digging for treasure in an empty hole? Has God mercifully kept away opportunities and earthly wealth so I can stay focused on Him? I need to put down my shovel and look at my fortune given by the true Giver.

  "For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also" Matthew 6:21