Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Beautiful Day

My day started chaotic and crazy, mostly because I was too tired to face it with both eyes open. My own fault. I stay up too late in the evenings. I can't help myself. I love this time of day! I love knowing all my family is home safe and sound. I also love that they are all tucked in, sound asleep! It is the time of day when I can do something... anything uninterrupted. I can eat a snack guilt free without little beggars. Don't get me wrong, I love my little beggars but they can eat their bowls of cereal in the morning. Mommy likes cereal after the sun goes down.

This little girl keeps me on my toes!
She has "mischief-maker" written all over that sweet face. I'm thinking she learns from the best.
I need to keep my eyes on him, more so than most. He is always coming up with new ways to have fun; in other words, make a mess or create an accident-in-the-making. He has now learned how to do wheelies on his bike. Needless to say, he has bandaids on both elbows and one knee.
This cry lasted for all about 20 seconds. I snapped the picture and he opened his eyes and said, "Erase it." It cracked me up. And I couldn't do it. He said, "You're not putting that on facebook." Then I was really laughing. To be fair, facebook means the computer/ internet to him. I promised him I wouldn't put it on facebook. :) Emmaly, the sweet sister that she is, fixed him right up. An ace bandage heals all wounds.
I feel like I am making real progress in my desire to have an uncluttered life. I will share about that sometime. I  woke up this morning with the feeling of chaos and being overwhelmed. After my day of realization and understanding, I have a new perception of chaos. It was a beautiful day! 

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Summertime Summertime SumSum Summertime

I am not a list maker. I take that back. I am a list maker, just not a list follower. I'm the gal who writes an agenda and chore chart and grocery list then misplaces them. Who wants to be tied down to bossy notes anyway?? Well...I'm changing my ways for the summer. I'm learning that time flies by way too quickly and I am trying to make the most of the time I have with my children. Before I know it, they will be.....(gulp)... .grown and on their own and......(sniff)...all we will have....(tissue please)...are the memories. (sigh) Summertime for us is crammed full. And usually when it is over we look back and say, "What did we do? (Besides get ready for the 4H fair)?" I've been inspired by others to do what I'm not so good at and make a list of ideas. Since I'm really a go-with-the-flow girl, things are subject to change...more fun will be added!
Mr. C eating complimentary soft serve ice cream at the feed mill.

go on a family bike ride     lake day     book club at the library     
Swinging with a chocolate ice cream smile.
 play cartoon tag     watch fireworks     go fishing     s'mores    
This boy is always a-workin.
camping     picnic at park     fingerpaint outside     eat fair food 
Big brother throwing baby sister in the air.
drive-in movie     church camp     horseback ride     visit zoo
Em showing her drum craft she made today at the library
treat kids to DQ     create daisy chains     cousins baseball game
I love popsicle juice dripping off little chins.
dance in the rain     tennis     have friends over     state fair
my popsicle princess
play in sprinkler     watch sunset     BYIC convention
E helping out the girls and walking their pigs.
cook up goodies for our neighbors     build campfire     VBS 
Fearless Faith jumping into the frigid water.
waterpark     make homemade play-doh     flashlight hide-n-seek
Farmerboy taking a break on the feed bags.
try new grill recipes     watch sunrise ...nah     watch clouds go by
This busy girl is happy to be buckled up as long as she can be outside
watching brothers and sisters

make salsa from our garden     find and/or build a new swingset
Corby is a big helper too!
make banana splits     attend a pool party     build a sandcastle

I'm looking forward to the next 2 1/2 months of warmth, family and fun! Thank you, Lord, for blessing me with this amazing family. May our time together be glorifying to You!
These girls weren't in any pictures from today because, as you can see, they are at Camp Shipshewana. Brooklyn is there as a camper and Kodi is there as a CIT--Counselor in Training. 
They've only been there for two days and I miss them! I'm happy they comply to let me take one more picture before they run off with their friends. Summer has begun!

Speaking of good ol' pal Summer stopped by today. She came equipped with a friend for Faith and cleaning abilities for me. She's the best!

Aren't friends grand?! 

So...tell me, how are you spending your summer?

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Birthday Girls Part 2

Something you may or may not know about me is that I am a huge procrastinator. Just ask my high school classmates. I was voted #1 Procrastinator. Wait... I'm not suppose to be proud of that?? Well, at least I was voted for something. (I think I was also voted "Always Late") Shocking, huh?! I know, you're thinking I should have won Smartest or Best Looking but it was tough competition. :-)

Anywho...way back in April I was telling about my Birthday Girls. I meant to talk about Brooklyn a few days later. A few days easily turns into a few weeks in this house. (Just look at the expiration date on the sour cream in my fridge.) Without anymore delay let me introduce my sweet daughter Brooklyn Alexis.

That is a phone in her hand, although not the phone that she now has (another story). Our gift to our teens is a phone. It may seem like a generous gift but they have to pay for their own monthly lines. So it is really up to them if they want one or not. I really like them having their own phones! It's like they have supervised freedom! We now have THREE teenagers in the house. Shew! Some days this place is teeming with at.ti.tude. But mostly I can't imagine life without these wonderful minors!

Miss B is affectionately known as Babbling Brook. Believe fits. She got the nick name when she was a wee one. She shared a bedroom with Austin and Dakota. So many nights I would hear, "Mommy, make Brooklyn stop talking! I can't sleep." She would literally talk herself to Dreamland. Eleven years later things aren't much different. The sound is usually singing now. And this girl can SING! I love listening to her. B has a  heart like no other. She is an amazing  child  young lady who blesses so many with her bubbly personality, loving heart and compassionate view of life.
Babies and little ones are drawn to her, as are her peers. Her enthusiasm is contagious. She has a heart for the Lord and I am constantly in awe of her perceptiveness. He has great things planned for her future. I love that she still comes to me EVERY night before bed to pray with her. I use to have this unsettling feeling that God would take her when she was little. (Shame on me!) When she was 3 she said to me, "Mommy, did you know that deaf people can hear God?" It came from nowhere. I didn't even know she understood what "deaf" meant. Then at age 4 she came to me crying because she wanted to "go home to Heaven and be with Jesus". Again, there was nothing to prompt her to feel that way. (Do you blame me for feeling unsettled?) She is also my one child who will apologize for "crimes" she has committed that I was clueless to. Example: "Mom, please forgive me for thinking bad thoughts about you." (after she was disciplined for something). Yes... I may have a perfect child....Ok....not really. She is human, after all. AND a teen! The sassiness has seeped in. But I can handle a little sass. I think if you would ask my mom she would tell you that I was the Queen of Sassy. (Well, I had a lot to say as a teenager. I'm sorry that my words came out sounding cheeky, Mom.) Being a parent is a hard job! But it is also very rewarding. I feel so honored that God has put Brooklyn in our family. I'm not deserving of such amazing kids but I sure am thankful! I love you, Brookie Cookie!
We took the girls to El Arriero for their birthday lunch. The food is yummy and so is the location!