Sunday, November 11, 2012

Party On

We are not a Halloween celebrating family. I don't have a good reason, especially when I am up for any excuse for a party. I have in the past pondered the age old question "Should Christians celebrate Halloween?" I grew up in a home that believed Halloween was mostly evil. Although I do remember dressing up like a ghost in kindergarten because it was the easiest costume for my mom to make an hour before a school dress up party. Even though I was a bit jealous of the plasticky Tweety Bird costume, I was relieved to be wearing an old sheet with holes cut out for eyes so I wasn't left out.

Then there were also the years we had youth group hayrides on Halloween. My dad would drive the wagon full of dusty straw and easily spooked teens down wooded back roads and through, that's not at all scary for gullible girls who had heard rumors of past kidnappings and sacrifices in that very area. I can imagine the smile on Dad's face as he heard us scream when his tractor would just happen to stall during the scariest part of the drive.

I have friends whose favorite holiday is Halloween and friends who hide inside with their porch light dark. I don't necessarily believe Halloween is any longer wicked, nor am I naive enough to think it is totally innocent. Long story short, I am Halloween indifferent. My kids have trick-or treated, trunk-or-treated, handed out candy, went to harvest parties, attended hayrides, and not done anything at all. Surprisingly enough, they seem pretty indifferent too. Maybe that has something to do with our toy-box full of dress up clothes. They can be superman, princesses, cowboys, ballerinas, transformers, whatever they want any day of the year, not just on October 31st.

Nine years ago we were blessed with a sweet little bundle three days before Halloween. She has claimed the month of October for her very own--the stores'candy aisles, dress up parties, bon fires, the whole shebang. I'm's all hers. She wanted to carve her own pumpkin this year. I was game until I saw her using the knife. I think we'll wait a couple more years for the carving part.

I'm all about object lessons. When fun is mixed with learning, everyone wins! 
The Pumpkin Patch Parable by Liz Curtis Higgs is a wonderful children's book that gives a whole new look to the jack-o-lantern.

The farmer has special plans for his pumpkins. He selects one, cleans it from the slime and grime. He turns the ordinary pumpkin into a beautiful sight, places a candle inside so it may shine and share its light in the darkness.

What a beautiful illustration of what God does for his children.

 I'm up for any excuse to break out the dessert plates (that we usually fill with veggies, dips and chips and salsa.) But I can't think of a better reason then celebrating my girl or any of my kiddos.

So Happy Belated.....with me it's always belated Halloween, Happy Harvest, Happy Birthday, Happy Fall! Now on to Thanksgiving! My favorite holiday of all. 


Mom said...

As usual, you have managed to bring tears to my eyes with your memories.
Thank you so much for letting us all come to your "party"!
Love you much!

jodyfoznot said...

October babies are terrific! Seth claims all of October for himself, too. I am Halloween indifferent, as well...but my kids aren't the least bit indifferent. They take dress up very seriously. Very seriously.

Cute pictures of your littles! You're making great memories with them, which is the one thing i do love about Halloween.

Love you!

Mom said...

Jody, I am waiting to see pictures of your children's creative costumes for this year....