Tuesday, March 22, 2011


Have you ever found yourself in a situation that seemed hopeless? No matter how hard you tried to work it out, it was to no avail?
We found ourselves there tonight. However minor it may seem there was a lesson to be learned. Obedience brings blessings. Disobedience brings....trouble. Miss E was told to go to bed. Big sister B was playing with her new haircut (her first cut with BANGS). E was a little sad not to get her hair cut so she thought she would curl it. With a comb. My special comb. I know, I know. A special comb? Someone whom I loved and is no longer here on earth gave me that comb. It already had a tooth missing because the bratty owner of that special comb was having a bad hair day and took out her frustrations on the poor comb. (Think of whack-a-mole.) So, E hesitantly came to me and said,  "Mom, I'm sorry. I can't get it out." Two things: She knows she is suppose to be asleep and she knows that is my favorite comb. I look into those remorseful chocolate eyes and I see myself. I see how God pours out His grace on me when I get into a tangled situation  because of disobedience. 
  He lovingly untangles the damage and uses it for His glory. Untangling isn't always pretty. Sometimes there are consequences that are not easy to welcome. Consequences that we would never have to deal with if we would choose to obey. 
There were only two options for E's situation, cut her hair or break the comb. She offered the sacrifice of her hair. It would NOT have been the haircut she had in mind. She knew that and still offered which made my heart melt for this girl all the more. I told her it really was ok that I had to break the comb. She cried. I held my tears and broke a material link to my beloved friend. My tears were for my child's sympathetic heart. I gave her the smaller piece of broken comb and said, "It's yours." I kissed her and sent her to bed. I will keep my broken comb. It will not only remind me of my friend but of God's grace to me in my tangledness.


Alipet813 said...

Love it Jamie.

ruthw said...

You are so wise.

Elijah, Adrielle, and Ezra Rhodus said...

Ok now I'm holding back tears! Great post Jamie and great lessons to be learned to apply to my own life!

ralph74crystal said...

Thanking God that he has that kind of compassion on His children!

jodyfoznot said...

Oh, Jamie. This was such a beautiful post, so well-written and with such wisdom. I had a hard time holding back the tears as well. And those pictures of Little Miss Brown Eyes are precious and perfect. I know that every time E sees that broken piece of comb, she will remember two things at the very least: 1.) It's best to obey, for our own very best, and more importantly, 2.) Her momma showed her the grace of God. I remember once reading that our children learn who God is by our actions toward them. E learned tonight that God is forgiving, merciful, loving and so gracious. I know our beloved friend would rejoice knowing her gift brought such an unforgetable lesson.

I love you!

Olivia said...

Thanks for sharing, Jamie.